Arch Motorcycle Method 143 is a First-Rate Third Effort

For somebody who co-manages a limited-production motorcycle company as a side gig to his day job (in this case being a major Hollywood star), Keanu Reeves is doing pretty well with Arch Motorcycle, the firm he and Gard Hollinger established in 2014. After the success of the company’s first two models, the KRGT-1 and the 1S, Arch’s third offering – the Method 143 – is here, and it’s ready to blow minds en masse.

Starting with its exquisite carbon fiber monocell frame that’s also home to an integral fuel cell, the Method 143 (so named for the displacement of its S&S-supplied fuel-injected V-twin in cubic inches, which works out to 2,343cc) makes use of several clever design choices that enhance its form, its function, or both at once. Bare carbon fiber bodywork helps channel the air around the bike and rider (and into the engine), while a MotoGP-inspired exhaust system ensures the the big two-pot mill can exhale just as easily as it inhales. As for handling that power, Michelin Power RS tires wrapped around a pair of Arch-designed 17” carbon fiber wheels and Öhlins suspension at both ends help keep this guided missile glued to the tarmac. Pity that only 23 well-heeled buyers will be able to add one of these remarkable machines to their fleets…

Source: Arch Motorcycle