Anderson Germany Ford Shelby GT500 Super Venom Edition front 3/4 view

Anderson Germany Shelby GT500 Convertible Super Venom Edition is an Extra Mean Muscle Machine

Anderson Germany Ford Shelby GT500 Super Venom Edition front 3/4 view

The Shelby GT500s of the last three or four years are the fastest, most powerful Mustangs that Ford has ever offered. Even if you aren’t rocking a 2013 model with the bigger 5.8L engine, you’ve still got at least 500 supercharged horsepower flinging you toward the horizon. And the looks? Straight up killer, yo.

However, German tuner Anderson Germany reckoned (correctly) that the mightiest factory Mustang has room for improvement. But this Shelby GT500 Super Venom Edition is much more than just new wheels and a set of floor mats. And we couldn’t be more glad about it.

Anderson Germany Ford Shelby GT500 Super Venom Edition rear 3/4 view

In addition to the sinister black and red color scheme, the exterior gets Anderson Germany’s swanky new widebody kit. It includes a front splitter, wider front fenders with (probably fake) vents, rear fenders with scoops (also likely fake), carbon fiber hood vent, and a new rear bumper and diffuser. That last item houses a rather funky set of new tailpipes.

The red-and-black bonanza continues on the interior, with red stripes, stitches and piping adorning the seats, door panels, dashboard and more. The trunk gets a similar treatment, complete with the red Cobra emblems (accompanied by the name “Sasha.” No, we aren’t sure if it’s the name of the car’s owner, the car itself or what.). Carbon fiber, meanwhile, is applied to the dashboard, console, sport steering wheel and shift knob.

Anderson Germany Ford Shelby GT500 Super Venom Edition interior view

Performance upgrades? None have been mentioned, but there’s no need to panic, because that 5.4L supercharged V8 is making at least 540 horsepower (550hp if it’s a 2011 or ’12 model with the aluminum-block supercharged Ford Mod Motor). And you’ve got a 6-speed manual transmission sending that power to (and, if desired, completely overwhelming) the rear tires. Anderson Germany isn’t saying how much it intends to charge for the Super Venom Edition package, but when the finished product looks this mean, we don’t think very many people will have the stones to tell you that you overpaid.

Source: Anderson Germany

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