Anderson Germany Rolls the Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition out of the Shadows

Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS front 3/4 view

Although tuner Anderson Germany hasn’t been around as long as some of the more established multi-marque outfits like Hamann or Arden, the company has already garnered a reputation for creating upgrade packages that are both comprehensive and cohesive. Witness the enhancement work Anderson Germany has done on already snazzy rides like the Audi R8 and Ferrari California.

Now Anderson Germany has gotten its hands on the Aston Martin DBS. And even though the DBS is already the most powerful and most exclusive Aston Martin currently in production (provided you don’t count the limited edition One-77), the folks in Düsseldorf saw even more potential. However, helping the rest of the world see that potential started out with…making it harder to see.

Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS rear 3/4 view

You see, in order to live up to the name Superior Black Edition, Anderson Germany refinished the DBS in matte black paint, as well as fitting a black grille, black trim and black 21” wheels. Pretty much the only color visible on the exterior are the red Aston Martin badges on the hood and trunklid and red brake calipers. The interior has also been murdered out (the wazoo), featuring black leather and suede with red piping, stitching and embroidery on the seats, door panels and dashboard.

Naturally, Anderson Germany didn’t just tweak the cosmetics and call it ein Tag. As is the company’s custom, performance has also been bumped up a bit. The 6.0L V12’s output climbs from 517hp to 560hp thanks to a new exhaust system (and, we have to assume, some other unspecified revisions given a 43hp jump); we’re willing to bet the music coming from the tailpipes is treated to a corresponding increase in lustiness.

Anderson Germany Aston Martin DBS interior view

No word on pricing, but let’s face it: If you can afford an Aston Martin DBS, you can afford to have Anderson Germany give it its special touch. And by “its special touch” we mean “making it look like what a trenchcoat-wearing, chain-smoking, morally-ambiguous version of James Bond would drive.” We’d totally watch that movie, and not just for the car.

Source: Anderson Germany

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