Anderson Germany Maserati Gran Turismo Superior Black Edition Takes Us Back to the Dark Side

Anderson Maserati Gran Turismo Superior Black Edition

To choose a Maserati GranTurismo, a coupé manufactured by the world famous Italian premium car workhop, as a base for possible gentle corrections of this near to perfection driving machine, it demands a lot of mastership and workmanship. But ANDERSON Germany, at home at Dusseldorf and other places in Germany, has rendered several spectacular examples of its efficient inventiveness.

Solely the complete car coating in silky matt black makes blood run cold for many apologists of automobile art made in Italy. Only the window frames, grill and the rear logo are made in shining black. Matching to the whole ensemble both front and tail lamps are tinted.

Anderson Maserati Gran Turismo Superior Black Edition

This cannot go without a tire-wheel-combination of special nature. ANDERSON has chosen proprietary glossy black exclusive rims with carbon framing in 21” all around, completed by sized 265 tires in front and 295 rear. Not thinkable without adequate lowering. Besides, the exclusive sports engine bonnet, the exterior packet in Carbon – exterior mirrors, the tailgate and roof ledges, as well as the lateral left and right air inlets – merits to be mentioned. Corresponding to the high exclusive demands, the premium car manufacturer has given to the car more sportive front and rear aprons with matching to central exhaust system having remote controllable valve command in two sound levels. The result of this indispensable measure is, on the one side, 13 kg economy of weight and, on the other hand, a more of about 12 HP. The whole made by ANDERSON power increase by means of exhaust enhancement, racing cats and software optimization climbs from already fine 440 serial hp up to meanwhile 492 hp.

The interior also has been pushed up by carbon packet, containing the air inlets, door knobs, the switch desk in the roof liner, the door sill panels, the steering wheel, the seat regulation levers, the shifting paddles, as well as the radio mask. Apropos infotainment: of course, customized sound system with especially made monitor in the dash board, monitors in the headrests, PS3 player, loud speaker, subwoofer and amplifier ensure the appropriate sound. The other grafting works of the interior in black carbon leather combined with also black Alcantara, keder piping and red rhombus seams are based upon the exclusivity of the whole „Synthesis of the arts“ and, thus, suitable without any limits! Regards from ANDERSON …

Source: Anderson Germany