Amateur Drifting as Seen from Above [Video]

[vimeo width=”960″ height=”540″][/vimeo]

It wasn’t so long ago that high-quality aerial cinematography was strictly reserved for the Michael Bays of the world. These days, however, just about anyone with a few hundred bucks and some technical aptitude can marrya store-bought R/C helicopterwitha portable digital video recorderand make home movies from a bird’s eye view. And if your budget crosses into four-figure territory, and you’rereallysharp when it comes to electronics and model aircraft componentry, you can cook up the sort of rig thatLoren Halestondid.

Mr. Haleston combined 6 rotors, oneNikon 7D DSLR cameraand one wireless video transmitter to create an aerial videography platform. The setup’s trial run came at an amateur drifting event andPat’s Acres Racing Complex(PARC), a karting track in Canby, Oregon, though you certainly wouldn’t know it by the quality of the end product (Read: Artfully-composed clips of aBMW E30, aFox-body Ford Mustang, asweetfirst-gen Toyota Celicaand a whole herd ofNissan S13swagging their ass ends.). From what we can tell, it doesn’t look like Loren has shot any other action footage with it yet, but we’re eager to see what he does with it next. Maybe we can read about his next project first on hisFacebook page