Alta Motors Redshift ST Tracker Concept is a Silent Street Beast

It seems like every time we turn around we’re hearing about a new electric motorcycle manufacturer, and Alta Motors is the latest one to enter our circle of awareness. The company – based in the Bay Area city of Brisbane, California and with origins dating back to 2010 – already produces two killer little dirt devils in the Redshift MX (as in motocross) and Redshift SM (as in supermotard), but company leadership might be thinking the time is right to add a third model: The Redshift ST Tracker.

As the name implies, the Redshift ST Tracker is billed as a street tracker, sort of a streetbike and flat track racer mutt. It makes use of the same forged and welded aluminum frame/driveline housing and liquid-cooled motor as Alta Motors’ two current production models. The motor itself produces 40 horsepower and 36 lb.-ft of torque, though with the 3.5:1 gear reduction system the latter figure leaps to a ludicrous 120 lb.-ft at the rear tire. All that and more in a bike that weighs just 250 lbs. and can provide three hours of riding on a full charge if ridden in a semi sensible manner. And while there are no firm production plans for the Redshift ST Tracker as yet, the fact that it uses so many parts from its sisters suggests that Alta Motors could put it on sale without expending much time, money or effort.

Source: Alta Motors