Alpha-N BMW M3 BT92 front 3/4 view

Alpha-N BT92 BMW M3 is a Stroker of Genius

Alpha-N BMW M3 BT92 front 3/4 view

E92-chassis BMW M3s are the belly buttons of the tuner car world; it seems like everybody has one. And while it’s nigh on impossible to dispute the merits of this recently-discontinued Bavarian super coupe platform, it’s a piece of cake to do a last-gen M3 build that’s 95% identical to 95% of all other tuned examples of BMW’s Ultimater(?) Driving Machine. That’s the price you pay for following the herd.

However, German tuner Alpha-N has found a way to make its M3 – dubbed the BT92 – stand out from said herd. Wait a second, E92 M3? BT92? Distinctive body kit and blue paint? Yes, this is the Brabham BT92 we told you about nearly five years ago. Since then, the Brabham family took legal action to block the use of their name (understandably and, frankly, rightly so), and the company that wanted to use the Brabham name is now going by Alpha-N. Oh, and the BT92 is (finally) being released.

Alpha-N BMW M3 BT92 rear 3/4 view

The BT92’s calling card is, of course, its distinctive widebody kit. The front fascia retains the BMW twin-kidney grilles, but it gives the headlights the appearance of being a different shape. The front and rear fenders are pushed outward to accommodate the fat (and phat) 19” S3 wheels, as are the rocker panels. The rear bumper incorporates a diffuser, and routes the exhaust through a pair of center-located tailpipes. A power dome hood and a trunklid with an integrated “ducktail” spoiler round out the exterior modifications, all of which (except for the wheels and exhaust pipes) are made from carbon fiber.

Inside, Alpha-N replaces the stock front seats with a pair of Recaro Sportster CS buckets trimmed in black leather and blue Alcantara. The door panels and rear seats are reupholstered to match the front seats, and the blue Alcantara is also utilized inside the trunk in place of the stock carpeting. We like the looks of it, but needless to say you’ll find yourself even less inclined to use this car to make a potting soil run to Home Depot, or carpool with your buddies to the next run-through-mud-and/or-paintballs-just-for-the-hell-of-it event.

Alpha-N BMW M3 BT92 interior view

But then you’d have fewer opportunities to unleash the beast under that bulging hood. Thanks to a stroker crankshaft and newpistons and connecting rods, the naturally aspirated V8 under the hood grows from 4.0L to 4.6L, and those new bits (along with an ECU tune and some other odds and ends) conspire to raise output to 490 horsepower and 347 lb.-ft of torque. Alpha-N also offers a host of additional parts – including a supercharger – for even more oomph, but considering the basic stroker motor can propel the BT92 to a claimed 196 mph, you probably won’t be kicking yourself for not ordering them.

As for exactly how much you’ll spend when you do order all the needed bits for a BT92, Alpha-N isn’t saying. However, it’s worth noting that you can find used early E92 M3s for sale for $40,000 or a bit less. At those prices, we’re guessing you might be able to get a BT92 put together for about $100k. Not cheap, but you know what has a low entry price? Conformity, that’s what.

Source: Alpha-N