Alkira is the Starship of Houses


It’s said that three of the most important words in the world of real estate are location, location and location. But who wants to live on a white, sandy beach fronting clear blue water if the actual house is a 40 square-foot paper-mache shack? Thankfully, there’s a house for sale that, in addition to being situated on a beautiful plot of land in Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia, is big, luxurious and, oh yeah, different.


How “different” are we talking about? Just look at the darn thing! This remarkable house (which is called Alkira) is part crab, part Millennium Falcon and all wild. Five of the “legs” are bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, while the sixth connects to the footbridge that leads over the lake that surrounds the house and attaches to the garage. Alkira is designed to be completely off the grid, with solar panels galore on the roof and its own fresh water and septic systems.


And if you absolutely must know about the lot this award-winning house (designed by award-winning architect Charles Wright, by the way) sits on, it measures 29.52 hectares, or just a hair under 75 acres, and it extends all the way to the beach, should you decide to take a dip there and not in the house’s plunge pool. All that and more can be yours for $15 million Australian, which works out to about $10.8 million U.S. That seems like a screamin’ deal to us, considering it encompasses a rather large slice of paradise with a spaceship (Spaceship!) plunked down in the middle.

Source: JamesEdition