Slammed Widebody Aston Martin Vantage Twins Double the Pleasure [w/ Video]

Usually, when the phrase “widebody sports car” is uttered, it’s referring to machines like a Nissan GT-R or Ferrari 458. If you want to stance your Aston Martin V8 or V12 Vantage (or the zillions of special editions and derivatives thereof), you’ll have to have a customizing shop slice up and reshape the fenders or just forget about it…at least, that was the situation until recently. Now Alpha Classics Racing – Japan’s liaison for Aston Martin Racing – is producing a widebody kit for the “junior” Astons through its ACR Performance label, and it put together the red stunners you see here to help show it off to prospective buyers.

Both the coupe and the roadster feature the kit’s widened front and rear fenders, front splitter, side skirts, rear ducktail spoiler, and GT3-inspired rear diffuser. And speaking of GT racing, both are rocking yellow headlight lenses and Vossen Wheels (finished in gunmetal on the roadster and gold on the coupe). The coupe has a gutted interior, a roll cage and a limited slip diff, while the roadster’s 4.7L V8 inhales through a supercharger so it makes about 600 horsepower. No matter which of these red rockets you choose, you’re sure to have a good time…and look good while having it.

Source: Vossen Wheels