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The Most Accessible and Least Accessible Places to Get a Taxi in the UK

If you’re looking to hire a taxi, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you proceed. While it’s great you can hail a cab no matter where you are in the UK, not all taxi services are equal. Did you know for example, that where you are in the UK also makes a big difference to the service you’ll receive?

Thanks to Cab Direct, the best and the worst places to hire a taxi have been discovered and it makes for interesting reading.

The most accessible places

So, which parts of the UK rate as the best place to book a cab? Let’s start by looking at those with the best wheelchair accessible access…

Coming in first place is Liverpool, followed closely by London. According to statistics, there are 304 people per taxi and private hire vehicle in Liverpool and 353 in London. You may find it surprising that London has one of the best ratings due to the sheer amount of people living and visiting the capital. However, each of the city’s iconic black cabs is fitted with wheelchair access. They are notoriously expensive however, so that’s definitely something to consider.

So, what about non-wheelchair access? Well, once again London ranks the best accessible, followed by Manchester.

The least accessible places

We’ve covered the most accessible places to hail a cab, but what about the least accessible? For wheelchair access, it appears Darlington ranks as the worst, with 11694 people per taxi. This means potentially long waiting times! Oldham follows closely behind with 11294 people per taxi and private hire vehicle.

If wheelchair access isn’t an issue, the least accessible place is Swansea, with 439 people per taxi. York doesn’t do much better with 349 people per taxi.

Things to consider when hiring a taxi

There’s a lot of things to consider before you hire a taxi; particularly if you live or are visiting some of the least accessible places in the UK. The reputation of the taxi service is perhaps the most important. You should be able to find online reviews of the various taxi services in your area so pay close attention to those and choose the one with the best reputation.

While the statistics regarding the least accessible places in the UK may be a concern to commuters, it’s great news for those looking to start up their own taxi firm. Taxis can be purchased at an affordable cost from companies like Cab Direct , and setting up in the least accessible areas could prove to be lucrative.