AC Schnitzer ACL2 BMW M235i is an Angry Avocado [w/ Video]

With so much hype surrounding the BMW M2 these days, it’s no surprise its less-extreme sibling – the M235i – is getting aced off many compact German sport sedan buyers’ shopping lists. But longtime BMW enhancer AC Schnitzer wants to make sure you don’t forget about the middle child of the 2 Series coupe family, and has created this ACL2 to do just that. And in case the comprehensive body kit (featuring new valences, fender flares and a wing), big-and-bold wheels and guacamole-esque green-with-splotches-of-red color scheme don’t pique your interest, then surely the changes AC Schnitzer performed under that vented hood will. A healthy helping of revisions to the N55B30 turbocharged 3.0L inline-six hoist output to a claimed 562 horsepower. Surely that will be enough to make the ACL2 one of the belles of the Geneva Motor Show’s tuner car ball!

Source: AC Schnitzer