A.R.T. G Streetline 65 is a Blinding Display of Tuning

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Front Lights

In case it’s not on your radar, the Geneva Motor Show is opening March 7th and will feature premieres from nearly every manufacturer and tuner across the globe. McLaren will be revealing their P1 hypercar in the flesh, Ferrari will be showcasing their Enzo successor, TECHART will enlighten its customers with further details about their new 991 customization program, and the list goes on and on.

Nürnberg-based A.R.T. Tuningis joining is the fray with theirnew widebody kit for the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. A.R.T. says their new G Streetline65 kit “makes the legend an icon”. We’ll chalk that up to a translation error because what the kit really looks like it means is “makes a blindingly large SUV a road-monstering behemoth”.

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Front Three Quarter

First impressions, the G Streetline 65 kit is IMPOSING. Not to say that the original Mercedes-Benz G-Class wasn’t imposing, but A.R.T. has somehow given the blocky SUV even more presence on the road. Mercedes’ website itself says that the base G-Class is “engineered to traverse the Earth and transcend the bounds of time”. Yeah, we’d agree with that.

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Exhaust

But all jokes aside, A.R.T.’s G Streetline 65 kit pumps up the original 5.5L AMG biturbo V-8’s 536HP to a dizzying 749HP for the G65 (which us Americans don’t get) and 681HP for the G63. This all happens through some A.R.T. ECU reprogramming, high-flow catalytic converters, sport exhaust system, and additional cooling units for the engine, fuel systems, and transmission.

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Lights Detail

As you may have noticed from the teaser image – the G Streetline 65 kit is very well covered for lighting. In fact, A.R.T. has almost completely revamped the entirety of the G Wagon’s lighting systems, replacing the stock units with bespoke bi-xenons and adding in anLED triple beam lamp set, with two additional LED high beams and one LED daytime running light per side. And even that is just the tip of the lighting iceberg.

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Rear Angle

Apart from the usual enhancements, the widebody also includes “a smooth pair of running board covers with LED underfloor illumination, a set of grand fender flarings with LED running board illumination and an eye-catching rear bumper with double “retroreflector units”. Just for kicks, even the roof spoiler comes with an integrated LED brake light. Needless to say, you will most definitely be very visible in the A.R.T. G Streetline 65.

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Detail

Contributing to your visibility and credibility on the streets is a set of monoART1 22×10 wheels – a rap-worthy upgrade over the stock G63 AMG’s measly 20in 5-spokes. While the new engine upgrades serve to help move all the additional mass forward, a bespoke A.R.T. hood with no less than 19 additional cooling vents is also installed. We like that they took the time to count each vent.

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Front Angle

No high-end customization would be complete without an equallyresplendent andsumptuousinterior and while A.R.T. hasn’t released exact details about the available options, they have said they will leave nothing left to desire. Available materials to craft each customer’s “handmade dreams” include high-quality leather, Alcantara, carbon fiber, and noble woods.

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Rear

If we’re quite honest, the A.R.T. G Streetline 65 is a bit of an exercise in excess (mostly excess lighting) and none of the upgrades seem to directly improve the G-Class’ off-road and/or towing capabilities. Then again, if you’ve got a G63 AMG ready for A.R.T. to tune, you probably don’t offroad it all that often. Regardless, we look forward to donning sunglasses for the G Streetline 65 premiere in Geneva.

ART Mercedes Benz G65 AMG Streetline Front

Source: A.R.T.