Rush Trailer #3 still

A Hunt-ing We Will Go: Latest Rush Trailer Focuses on F1’s Most Legendary Bad Boy [Video]

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As irrepressiblemotorsportshistory nerds, we’re monumentally psyched forRon Howard’s 1970sFormula 1epic,Rush. That really should have been evident from the write-ups we did for the first two trailers. Of course, the battle for the1976 World ChampionshipbetweenFerraridriverNiki LaudaandMcLarenpilotJames Huntis the sort of thing the proverbial room full of chimpanzees with typewriters working for 10 years straight couldn’t script.

And it is Hunt (portrayed byChris Hemsworth) who is the focus of this third trailer for the movie. We see glimpses of his relationship with Lauda (played byDaniel Brühl), his inner turmoil regarding competing in a sport with a high risk of death and, oh yes, his exceptional skills with the ladies. Oh, and the fact thatRush’s U.S. release has been pushed back a week (toSeptember 27th)? Not cool, Universal. Not cool.

Source: YouTube