Ashley Rodriguez BMW M535i

A Girl and Her 5er: Ashley Rodriguez Dishes on Her BMW E28 Addiction [Video]

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Most of us car geeks harbor affections for multiple makes (or at least multiple models) of cars. Sure, we have our favorites, but rarely do we limit the objects of our automotive affections. After all, you wouldn’t eat the same thing for dinner every night for the rest of your life, would you?

Well, railroad photographerAshley Rodriguezmight not have a supper menu of just one item, but she is rather picky when it comes to the cars she owns. Specifically, she is devoted to the second generationBMW 5 Series(chassis codeE28). How devoted are we talking? This gray marketM535iis the 15thexample of the quintessentially ‘80s midsizeBimmershe has owned, and she says she has owned every variation except the diesel-powered524td. Hey, if she’s happy sticking with what she knows, who are we to judge?

Source: YouTube