Honda Civic Type R and Integra Type R clones

A Fistful of Yen: A Honda Type R Clone Double Feature [Video]

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Few vehicles will girdle a JDM fanboy’s loins like aHonda Type R model. Over the years, the name has been applied toCivics,Integras, the mightyNSX, and even the occasionalAccord. Sadly, only the first genIntegra Type Rever made it to this side of the Pacific, and even then it was wearing a different nose andAcurabadges. The rest of this revered clan has remained in Japan, or in some cases made it to Europe or elsewhere. But not North America. Boo, hiss, repeat.

However, a couple of enterprising Albertans have deliveredHonda’s global and Canadian product planners a giant “Screw you…please!” in the form of two great white Type R tributes. AnAcuraRSXhas been transformed into a second gen Integra Type R, while an AcuraCSX(a Canada-only curiosity that formed the basis of the Japanese-spec eighth gen Civic Sedan) has been turned into a JDMCivic Type Rhomage. And in case that wasn’t enough, both have been lowered, fitted with bigger wheels and tires, body kits and, in the case of the RSX-cum-Integra, what sounds like a supercharger. Yeah, we’re starting to see what all of the folks who worship at the Temple of VTEC are constantly droning on about.

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