5 Things Your New Pickup Truck Must Have Today

Pickup trucks are the Swiss Army knife of the world of vehicles that you can depend on for a host of activities. Nothing beats the feeling you get when cruising down the road in your brand new pickup truck while listening to your favorite song with the engine roar in the background. However, you can make your car even more amazing by modifying it to improve its performance – and if there’s one thing pickup owners love doing, it’s personalizing their trucks!

In many cases, even with their great agility straight from the factory, personalizing your truck makes it more personal. Here are some of the best mods you can add to your truck today to improve style, capability and performance.

Bigger, Beefy Wheels

This is probably the most popular pickup truck modification done by owners. Installing larger wheels and tires gives the truck a higher ground clearance, as well as putting more rubber to the ground for traction purposes. This modification also helps make your truck look beefier and capable of going anywhere, which is probably the number one reason why aftermarket wheels and tires are so popular.

When it comes to tires, you have plenty of options available to you on the market. In fact, once you purchase a full lift kit, you may also throw in tires and wheels.

Install a New Suspension System and Lift Kit

You can improve your truck’s off-road performance by adding a new suspension that stiffens your car, allowing better on and off-road handling. A lift kit gives your vehicle better ground clearance that works together with your new, larger wheels and tires. However, make sure that you purchase reputable brand lift kits and have them installed by an equally reputable lift kit installer.

A Trailer Hitch

The majority of trucks nowadays are delivered with installed hitch receivers in place of the older ball bolted to bumpers. The hitch receiver allows truck owners to slide in the appropriate draw bar using the correct drop for keeping trailers level.

However, if your truck doesn’t have one, you can always purchase a trailer hitch receiver and use the correct draw bar. Many owners make the mistake of hitching lower-slung trailers to their high-riding trucks, which can cause wobbly, unstable trailers. Just as you would research to see how to maintain your caravan batteries as a matter of course, research drawbars to ensure you find one that’s perfect for your truck’s height.

Performance Chip

Another way of improving your new truck’s performance, power, and capabilities is by adding a performance chip. When you purchased your truck, it came programmed with specific settings from the factory. However, the performance chip can help you tap into the truck’s true potential.

The chip allows you to make changes to default settings, and the result is extra capabilities to customize performance and power. However, you have to take care while purchasing these chips since some are likely to void your warranty.

A Cable Winch

The winch, either powered by the engine or your own battery, is one of the most useful truck accessories you can have installed, especially if you are always carrying heavy loads. While a cable winch requires professional installation, it’s worth the extra cost considering how helpful it will be whenever you are dealing with heavy objects like haystacks and logs. You can use the powered wrench for freeing stuck tractors or cars in mud or snow.

Using the right truck accessories, you can turn your new acquisition into a true multi-purpose vehicle with more power and capabilities using the mods mentioned above. However, make sure you consult a professional to ensure that the mods help you tap into the truck’s full potential.