5 Men’s Accessories That Will Trend This Fall

Some of the best things happen in the months of October and November. There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, and countless other reasons to party. With all these possibilities, you’ll want to get the latest on what the trending fashion accessories are. That way, you will know how to accessorize your outfit for those upcoming nights out.

Here are 5 fashion trends that you won’t want to miss out on.

1. The statement chain.


The statement chain is back big time, in various shades of gold and silver. Chains on men are being seen at all the award shows and social media accounts of high-end parties. When choosing a chain for yourself, go for something that looks rugged versus gaudy. For a classy, manly chain, choose something thick but not too low-hanging. Avoid pendants for a subtler look. You don’t want your jewelry to be drawing all the attention. It should simply serve to accentuate your overall style.

2. Rounder sunglasses.


Aviator sunglasses have had many days in the sun. It’s now time for a return to the John Lennon sunglass era. If you don’t think your face shape can handle the smaller round sunglasses, try flat sunglasses. They provide a retro look and are more sympathetic to a wider range of face shapes. Sunglasses are an easy way to update your style without hurting your wallet. When day time turns to night, just hook it onto the neck of your t-shirt and you’re ready for all times and places.

3. The flat backpack.


Put away your camper backpack. That is not what we are talking about here. Backpacks have become a trending item over the last few years, and by all appearances they aren’t going anywhere. But it’s not just any backpack type. The shape to watch for? Look out for backpacks with a thin body depth and that are minimalistic in appearance. Skip any backpacks with a lot of detailing and go for plain, one-zipper affairs. Available in leather, and various high-end materials, even elite brands are getting in on the action.

4. Watches with color.


Say goodbye to the unobtrusive watch. We are seeing watches today in unusual and striking colors. A yellow silicon band paired to a digital face is just one of the many ways this trend has manifested itself. A striking watch has long been used by guys as a way to accessorize any outfit. And this tried-and-true method has just gotten a colorful boost. Wear a watch this fall with a striking shade, and you will be making a statement and standing out with only your watch to thank for that.

5. The earring.


But it’s not what you think. Fashion has expanded beyond just diamond studs for guys. Or that weird hoop craze in the 1970s. Darker colored stones are adorning the ears of celebs and well-known athletes. And they might be on to something. These earrings are less flashy, but they still provide that edgy look. The material is also flexible, with dark wood and stainless steel joining the ranks of what used to be only the realm of gold and silver. This is definitely something to consider if you want to be stylish but remain low key.

Many fashion trends make a brief appearance only to disappear entirely after their brief moment in the sun. Except for pictorial evidence to the contrary, it can almost make one think it never happened. In order to pick the winners, you need to find one that meshes well with your personal style. And then it becomes less about the trend, and more about an expression of what you like to wear.

So keep that in mind as you choose accessories for your fall wardrobe. Look for pieces of trending accessories that help express your unique fashion sense. And that way you never have to worry about something falling out of fashion.