5 Benefits of a High-tech Jump Starter

Stranded with a dead battery in the middle of winter? It need happen no more if you go on the road prepared. If you check out the mini jump starter comparison on website, you’ll see how this new high-tech portable device is revolutionizing how we deal with a battery that has lost its charge.

Traditional jumper cables may soon become a thing of the past, given the numerous benefits of this new strand of jump starters, including the following five:

1. Compactness and Portability

The advantage of a mini jump starter that immediately appeals to most is simply its small, compact size. These units, which can be held comfortably in one hand, are lightweight (one or two pounds), thin and sleek (not bulky like traditional cables).

Mini jumpers can be practically stored in a hand-carried bag or purse, and wherever you keep them, they take up very little room. Their compactness leads directly to their convenient portability as well, which is essential for any emergency travel tool.

2. Rapid Effectiveness

Anything that can reduce time spent stranded in a car with no battery power is well worth the investment. Mini jump starters are quick and simple to use and to deploy. They come with attachable/detachable cables, and often, built-in LED flashlights.

Thus, it will take only minutes to get the jump start set up properly and revive your car battery in a matter of seconds. The exact charge-up time will vary based on the engine size, battery condition, and power level of the mini jump starter. But the job is done quickly and effectively, bringing an unpleasant situation you found yourself in to a rapid end.

3. Independence

Mini jumpers spare you the embarrassment of having to ask a stranger for help or starting your trip on a bad note. And more importantly, you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’ll need assistance to recharge your car battery with no one around to help.

4. Safety for Your Car

Using old-fashioned jumper cables with modern cars can sometimes be dangerous because you could damage your vehicle’s sensitive electrical system.

Besides, a huge factor that most are not aware of, that could save you expensive electrical repairs later on, mini jump starters have other safety features as well. These include: protection against overload, short circuits, and reverse polarity when charging devices, auto power-down to ensure your jumper has enough charge when it counts most, and extra safe “smart clamps.”

5. Versatility

As already hinted, mini jump starters do far more than just jumpstart car batteries. They can charge multiple devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) simultaneously and rapidly. So as long as you don’t exceed the unit’s power output recommendation, you can safely charge/run all kinds devices.

With some models, you can get up to seven car battery jumps out of just one mini jump starter charge. That leaves plenty of room for running other devices without worrying about draining out all the power and defeating the purpose of having a mini jump starter to begin with.


The bottom line is that mini car battery jumpers are far more convenient to use than traditional jumper cables. Furthermore, you can also use them for other purposes, making them a worthwhile investment even if you don’t have a dead car battery.