Pagani Huayra Roadster is – Surprise! – the Enthusiast Choice

It’s an unfortunate fact of life: If you want an open air version of a supercar, you’re going to have to accept sloppier handling and more weight relative to the fixed roof model on which it’s based. That’s just the way it is, folks. But Horatio Pagani simply wasn’t willing to accept either of those tenets of topless car development, which is why he and his staff have taken so long to announce the Pagani Huayra Roadster. They wanted to make it a true no-compromise drop-top exotic, and it seems like they’ve succeeded.

Pagani says the Huayra Roadster isn’t just the same weight as the coupe, but 154 lbs. lighter than the coupe. A lot of that mass reduction comes from components being made from even more exotic materials, like suspension arms machined from a super-high-tech aluminum alloy called HiForg. But lest you assume this carnivorous convertible – which features some rather exquisite detailing around the unique engine cover and roll hoops, as well as your choice of a lift-off carbon fiber or glass hard panel and a collapsible fabric top that can come along for the ride and make sure you’re not getting completely soaked if a sudden storm hits – is a flimsy flyer, know that it can supposedly carve up corners at up to 1.8 g. And when the road is straight, there’s even more power coming from the Mercedes-AMG 6.0L twin-turbo V12 (An extra 44 horsepower, for a total of 764, but the same 738 lb.-ft of torque.) than in the enclosed standard Huayra.

Seriously, unless you prefer the looks of the coupe, why wouldn’t you buy the Roadster instead? Because the entire production run of 100 is already sold out, that’s why. But unless you could have coughed up the necessary $2.4 million for a Huayra Roadster, that’s kind of a moot point, don’t you think?

Source: Pagani