The 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C: Stunning Things Come in Fast Packages

Spectacular straightaways and bending backroads are the stuff dreams are made of for those with a sophisticated taste in luxury cars. And picturing a thrilling drive with fine appointments in the mind’s eye is easy. The hard part is deciding what to drive. Fortunately, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C compellingly solves this dilemma. Let’s take an in-depth look at all the ways this fast, classic-in-the-making already stands out.

Refined Elegance Redefined

As you might imagine, the cockpit of the GT C is just as much a work of art as its swooping exterior; one must experience it to truly appreciate it. Hop into the driver’s seat, and you’ll notice an impressive amount of lateral support from the lean-profiled, deep bucket that comfortably hugs you as you maneuver tight turns. Directly in front of you rests an instrument cluster that features a multimedia display nested between symmetric gauge faces. A second, freestanding 8.4-inch screen perched above four circular air vents provides entertainment and navigation, rounding out the mid-dash. A mouse-like touchpad on the console conveniently controls the screens with minimal movement.

While posh appointments and digital displays bursting with infotainment are exciting, the GT C is a sports car, not a luxury movie theatre. And when it’s go time, this difference is literally at the touch of a button or more precisely, the DYNAMIC SELECT controller. This switch toggles the vehicle between five distinct transmission modes: individual, comfort, sport, sport + and race.  The individual mode allows you to program your own personalized driving experience while the other four modes act as presets. Each mode expertly adjusts drive characteristics, such as suspension, throttle response, shift programming, stability control and even exhaust sound.

Driven to Exhilarate

Where the rubber meets the road, the GT C delivers performance and speed that rivals a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. However, unlike the 911’s rear engine, the GT C draws its 550 horsepower from a front-twin, turbo-charged, 4.0-liter V8 engine. The vehicle’s seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission is fixed with special transaxle mounts optimized for precision and comfort.

The result of such beefy specs is a hypnotically smooth and even drive through acceleration to high speeds up to 196 mph. Fortunately, piloting the GT C while in a state of wonderment and transfixion is made simple with super responsive, rear-wheel steering that feels as natural as lifting a finger. When it’s finally time to slow down, the thick-rotor, six-piston, fixed caliper front brakes gingerly ease the GT C to a soft halt.

In perhaps the most flattering assessment that can be bestowed on a high-end sports car, the driver truly becomes one with the GT C as both effortlessly glide and careen together in grand synchronicity.

A Harmonious Marriage of Speed and Grace

You’d be hard-pressed to find a vehicle matching the GT C’s union of sharp looks and cunning performance in the venerable landscape of luxury cars. This wide stance, long-beak stunner with strong lines is the rare combination of rocket and cruiser and a perfect fit in the garage of the uber collector who may covet a Mulsanne alongside his 488 GTB.

Similarly, if you’re in the market for a very special, very premium auto and cannot choose between a decided sports car or a grand tourer, the 2018 GT C is a superb choice. Coupe and roadster editions are available to suit your preference.

All in the Family

The GT C occupies the middle child spot in AMG’s formidable GT two-seater line-up, positioned between the slightly less power-hungry GT Roadster (MSRP $124,400) and muscular older brother, the GT R Coupe (MSRP $157,000). Unlike most families, there isn’t a black sheep among the GT kin as each model offers the world-class performance and refinement that make AMGs special.

Herein lies the only issue as far as we can tell with the GT family — the interested consumer with a need for speed will face the challenge of choosing the GT model that best fits his or her desired performance and price-point expectations. But as with all things AMG, this isn’t a bad problem to have.

The Marque of the Stars

As you might expect, attached to the brawn and beauty of the GT C is a hefty price tag. The coupe lands with an MSRP of $145,995 while the roadster is $12,000 more. But buying a variant in Benz’s flagship performance lineup puts you in the company of many celebrities who own an AMG or another supercar under the umbrella of the three-pronged star.

Whether it’s Kylie Jenner’s muscular AMG G63, boxing great Floyd Mayweather’s Mercedes-Maybach S600 or Ultimate Texas Hold’Em ace Phil Ivey’s $500,000 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (not to be outdone by the 2018 McLaren Sienna), a top Mercedes model is essentially a must-have symbol of sophistication for many who achieve fame and fortune.

Expectedly, Mercedes-Benz stretches that rich tradition of sophistication with the 2018 AMG GT C. The miles melt in style and speed in this car with ease. Get behind the wheel, and you’ll instantly know why discerning celebrities flock to AMG.