2018 Bentley Continental GT3 is Ready to Class up the Track

The new Bentley Continental GT takes all of the great stuff from the outgoing car – luxurious interiors, “pillarless” hardtop coupe roofline, and available twin-turbo W12 thrust – and melds it with some welcome improvements, namely more pleasing proportions and, consequently, better weight distribution and handling. All of which should be welcome news for customer teams planning to run the also-new 2018 Continental GT3 racecar.

Like the GT3 car based on the first-gen Conti, the new on-track hotness from Crewe utilizes a production Bentley Continental GT body shell (specifically, a right-hand drive one, the only FIA GT3 homolgated car from a major manufacturer to use that layout if memory serves) with more massive fenders, splitters, strakes and a towering top-mount rear wing. Also like the last-gen car, power comes from a VW Group 4.0L twin-turbo V8 sending about 550 horsepower through a 6-speed sequential transmission and just the rear wheels, both of which are required per GT3 rules. Look for a factory-backed two-car squad run by M-Sport (the same company that’s building the new cars and built and campaigns the original Continental GT3s) to run next year’s Blancpain GT Endurance Series, as well as at least one car represented in the 2018 SRO Intercontinental GT Challenge beginning with the second round of the season at Monza, because the season-opening Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hours only allows GT3s that are at least one year old. In any case, we’re stoked to see this sweet looking machine on track.

Source: Bentley