2017 Lamborghini Aventador S is a Rather Righteous Refresh

It used to be that Lamborghini could go years – if not decades, in the case of the Countach – between wholesale revisions and reinventions of its V12 flagships. A little bump in displacement here, reshaped front and rear fascias there, and keep cranking them out as-is for another three or four years. These days, however, the supercar biz is the most cutthroat it’s ever been, and if you’re standing still, you might as well be going backwards. Enter the 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S.

No, it’s not a totally new model, but it is a comprehensive mid-cycle update and upgrade for Sant’Agata’s flagship model line (occasional limited production specials like the Veneno and Centenario excluded). The exterior is even more extroverted than that of the original Aventador, with saber-tooth-like strakes ahead of the front air intakes, extra scoops on the rear haunches, and a reshaped rear diffuser beneath a new tri-pipe exhaust outlet. All told, the new shapes supposedly increase aerodynamic efficiency 50% over the old model with the automatic rear wing in its raised max-downforce position, and a hard-to-comprehend 400% with the wing at its lowest setting.

Output of the 6.5L V12 is up by 39 horsepower to 730, while peak torque holds steady at 507 lb.-ft, with power routed to all-four wheels (now guided by a revised suspension setup with the Aventador SV’s active dampers, a reprogrammed suite of electronic driver aids, and the first four-wheel-steering system ever fitted to a production Lamborghini) through the Aventador’s proven (if antiquated) single-clutch 7-speed sequential transmission. Inside, you’ll be greeted by a new reconfigurable digital instrument cluster and Apple CarPlay, while an optional performance telemetry recording system will give track rats one more thing to get excited about.

Of course, you’ll have to be a rather well-heeled track rat to be able to write shoe-polish numbers on the windows of your very own Aventador S. Prices are set to begin at $421,350, and deliveries will begin sometime this coming spring.

Source: Lamborghini