2017 Ducati Monster 797 is a More Tamable Beast [w/ Video]

The Ducati Monster 821 and Monster 1200 are impressive machines, but what if you neither need nor want a naked Duc with that much muscle? Or you don’t feel you’re physically large enough to hustle one of those big bangers around? Well, if you fall into either or both of those camps, that pillar of the Italian motorcycle industry now has something for you, in the form of the 2017 Ducati Monster 797.

Utilizing the same 803 cc V-twin as the red-hot Scrambler, the Monster 797 sends a more manageable 75 horsepower to that beefy rear wheel and tire through an APTC slipper clutch. Both wheels, incidentally, are stopped by the same Brembo M4.32 brake calipers, twin 320 mm front discs and single 245 mm rear disc found on the larger Monster 821, though the rear caliper is a single piston rather than dual piston piece, and the front master cylinder isn’t radially mounted. Other changes include a dual-sided swingarm and a one-piece trellis frame that is *sigh* decorative rather than structural.

Still, the 425 lb. Monster 797 has less rake and trail than its big brothers, plus a shorter wheelbase and a low 31.7” seat height (that can be made as low as 30.9” if you adjust it all the way down). If your stature skews more toward the hobbit end of the spectrum but you still want an entertaining naked bike and have $9,295 to spend (The cool Stark White Silk paint option adds $100 to that figure.), the newest member of the Ducati family is definitely worth a look.

Source: Ducati