2016 Formula One Season Just Around the Corner

After an eventful year for Formula One racing in 2015, we are now seeing the 2016 season preparations get underway.  Last year we saw a spate of dominance, inter-team squabbling, paddock gossips and a few accidents too.

There’s been great speculation about whether certain teams would race this year or not, or what can be done to stimulate the spectators and home audiences.  When all is said and done, Bernie Ecclestone is never far away from the media spotlight himself.

He has this wonderful dogmatic way of making his point in the media and to his business partners, sort of “I own the rights, if you don’t want it, I will find someone else who does!” His “charm and wit” must certainly be a royal pain to potential partners and sponsors alike, as he does effectively control how Formula One moves forward.

With the 2016 Formula One calendar already agreed by the teams and rights holders’ we see that there is yet again, still a question mark over one of the circuits’ commitment to the calendar. This time it is not Bahrain.  It seems the Italian Grand Prix scheduled to be held at San Marino has yet to be signed on, despite being held every year at the circuit (except one) since Formula One began, in 1950.

Whilst Bernie has options (as he always does), it does tend to show he does not particularly worry who or where the races are held, as long as he gets paid!

As F1 preparations gain momentum, spectators will soon have the chance to see their favourite team testing the new car designs and engines in their full glory.  As we know the rules state the teams are only able to test at certain events throughout the racing calendar.

This year the pre-season testing takes place at Circuit de Cataluña, located just outside Barcelona, Spain. The dates recently announced are confirmed as 22-25 February and 1-4 March 2016.

The tests are always an exciting time for the teams to compare improvements and the latest technology advances, made during the winter break.  Many will be watching with interest the arrival of the newest team to the Formula One list, Haas F1 Team, which is backed by American Gene Haas.

Haas F1 Team is the first American led team to be in the Formula One championship which is based at the Kannapolis campus, also home to NASCAR championship team Stewart-Haas Racing.

As the teams prepare to show off their latest liveries, the list of official launches begins to filter through the media channels. This of course with the exception of Renault, who has already launched.  They are sure to be all watching closely in readiness for the first Grand Prix of the season in Melbourne, Australia on the 20th March.

Each year thousands of spectators converge on the beautiful city of Melbourne to watch the race in all its glory. Perhaps it is time for you to get a feel for a new car and let your imagination get lost in the Formula One build up. See the latest cars we have on offer to set your imagination starting!