Lumma Design 2014 BMW X5 front 3/4 view

2014 Lumma Design BMW X5 is a Sportier Activity Vehicle

Lumma Design 2014 BMW X5 front 3/4 view

Prior to the arrival of the Porsche Cayenne, the SUV that performance car enthusiasts most loved to hate was the BMW X5. The Bavarian company’s South Carolina-built “Sports Activity Vehicle” was (and likely still is), in Bimmerphile circles at least, an abomination, despite being endowed with better on-road driving dynamics than most of its competitors. And the X5 M based on the outgoing second generation (E70) architecture? Man, raise the drawbridge before the torch-and-pitchfork-wielding villagers can storm the castle!

Of course, the disgusted BMW purists are very much in the minority; why else would the company be rolling out a new third generation X5 (Chassis code: F15.)? And the visual tuning experts at Lumma Design have announced a plethora of cosmetic parts aimed at making the latest Ultimate Grocery-Getting Machine turn a disproportionate number of heads.

Lumma Design 2014 BMW X5 rear 3/4 view

Officially dubbed the CLR X 5 RS, this classy crossover is easy to spot thanks to its snazzy widebody kit. Aggressive new front and rear fascias, rocker extensions, and front and rear fender flares dominate the exterior package. It also comes with a vented hood, dual rear spoilers, and body-colored stick-on pieces that mask off parts of the taillights. Wheels are 23” split-spoke alloys, and the custom bypass-valve-equipped exhaust system exhales through four ovoid tailpipes. The look certainly isn’t for everyone, but we wouldn’t go so far as calling it gaudy.

Lumma Design 2014 BMW X5 interior view

But Lumma Design hasn’t stopped with the exterior; it’s also gone to town with interior upgrades, too. The dashboard gets covered in leather (either Nappa or ostrich), Alcantara and carbon fiber, while the seats, console and door panels receive similar treatments. Naturally, buyers will have their choice of colors, but we’re quite fond of the red and black pictured here. Lumma also fits a set of aluminum pedal covers, and you can even get a set of driving gloves colored to match the upholstery. Very cool.

Lumma Design isn’t saying what a CLR X 5 RS will cost, but we’re guessing that it won’t be super spendy, since it doesn’t include any performance parts. Some might call that a drawback; we don’t. We say if you want a performance car, don’t start with a big honkin’ SUV! And that, kids, is today’s pearl of wisdom.

Lumma Design 2014 BMW X5 dashboard view

Lumma Design 2014 BMW X5 driving gloves

Source: Lumma Design