2012 Porsche Cayman S Black Edition Darkens Our Day, But We’re Still Smiling

2012 Porsche Cayman S Black Edition front 3/4 view

Even though it’s the youngest member of Porsche’s sports car family, the Cayman has already established itself as the driving enthusiast’s model of choice. It has a fixed roof like a 911 coupe, but with the Boxster’s optimal centralized engine placement, rather than the 911’s decidedly sub-optimal rear-engine placement, giving it arguably the best handling dynamics of the company’s current lineup. (Of course, there are still a great many Porschephiles who are convinced the only “real” Porsche is the 911; these people tend to block out “abominations” such as the 928 and Cayenne much like one might block out a childhood memory of walking in on one’s mother and “Uncle” Zeke giving each other a “grown-up hug.”)

Anyway, the Cayman is a brilliant performer. But what if it’s too ubiquitous for your liking, even in sharper, brawnier Cayman S form? Well, you could wait for the upcoming Cayman R with its added power and reduced weight. Or – if you aren’t into vibrant colors and graphics or you’re worried about chafing your fingers on the nylon interior door releases – you could get your order in for the newly-announced Cayman S Black Edition.

2012 Porsche Cayman S Black Edition rear 3/4 view

Like the Cayman R, the Cayman S Black Edition gets treated to an additional 10 horsepower for its 3.4L flat-six (for a grand total of 330hp). Also like the R, the S Black Edition can be had with either a good-ol’-fashioned 6-speed manual or the PDK 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. You also get 19” Boxster Spyder wheels which are, like the rest of the car, finished in black.

And when we say “the rest of the car,” we mean the rest of the car. The leather upholstery? Black. The gauge faces? Black. Air intakes? Yep. Tailpipes? What do you think? Yeah, the Cayman S Black Edition follows pretty much the same pattern as any other murdered-out ride, though there are some brushed stainless steel door sill plates (seen below) and some other shiny trim pieces found inside the cabin.

2012 Porsche Cayman S Black Edition sill plate

You’ll also find evidence of the Convenience Package that is optional on non-Black Edition Porsches (A 911 Black Edition and Boxster S Black Edition are also available.) inside and out. The standard-on-this-special-edition equipment includes Bi-Xenon headlights, auto-dimming mirrors, and automatic climate control. You also get the Infotainment Package, which adds a touchscreen navigation system, a Bose surround-sound system, and XM Satellite Radio.

One option that isn’t offered, though, is a guarantee you’ll actually be able to buy one, even if you can come up with the $67,500 asking price (which is actually a cheaper than buying a regular Cayman S with all those option packages added a la carte). Only 500 of these goth-tastic sports cars will be available worldwide, so we suggest you get to your favorite Porsche retailer ASAP. They aren’t open right now, you say? Roll out your sleeping bag, Princess.

Source: Porsche