INFOGRAPHIC: 2012 Formula One Cars & Teams Breakdown

F1 Infographic

Imagine the roaring engines, the squeal of the tyres, the concentration of the drivers, the screaming crowds, the searing heat and the amazing multi-million dollar F1 machines. This is Formula One, the most exciting time in sport each year and one which is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Drivers train for months beforehand to make sure they are in peak physical condition for the 300mph races in which they risk their life. F1 is technology at its best with F1 cars honed to perfection with over 80,000 components assembled so each nut and bolt is in exactly the right position.

The famous drivers and their equally famous cars compete for the top spot, one which they know will propel them to stardom and generate millions of dollars in their pay packet at the end of the season if they are successful. However, this comes with a price and one wrong move could see them out of the whole season, or worse, seriously injured or dead. In fact, F1 is a seriously dangerous sport, not just for the drivers but the pit stop teams and even the nearby crowds, but that is what makes it all the more exciting and an unforgettable experience. Check the graphic by (of all people) Ladbrokes Bingo below for a rundown of the new technology:

2012 Formula One Infographic