2011 BMW M3 “Competition Package” Details and Photos Released

2011 BMW M3 Competition Package

It’s almost springtime. For some people that means flowers, rain, new life and all that sappy stuff. I would probably drive past the new foliage and bird-watchers though, because your local BMW dealership will probably have a new M3 on the lot, featuring the 2011 BMW M3Competition Package.”  Available in Spring of 2010, this add on will be available for all models (Coupe, Sedan, Convertible) and will cost $2,500.

It includes lightweight alloy wheels, lowered suspension (10mm), trick looking carbon fiber front and rear spoilers, and a new EDC setting simply called, “sport mode.” Along with that wildly creative EDC setting comes several new stability control programs, all aimed at improving the handling and driving experience. The aero bits look great. The raw carbon fiber accents the body color (unless it’s black) and will help the car stand out among the seemingly thousands of new M3s seen daily. The rear spoiler is a nice touch, elongating the shape of the trunk and balancing the profile.

2011 BMW M3 Competition Package

At first glance this seems like a way for BMW to squeak more money from it’s loyal followers. But, and it’s a big “but”, BMW is claiming this is the best handling “M” car ever built. That is a statement that requires you to have 80lb moon rocks in your yam-bag. The best handling M car ever? Somewhere, an E30 owner just died of preposterous insult-induced cardiac arrest. I admit I am skeptical. With all the automakers fighting for customers and sales right now, they would go pretty far to bring in the buyers. But I hope BMW has more integrity than that, and that this is indeed a true fact. Because if it proves to be true, we may be looking at the best M3 yet, and possibly the best BMW to date. Let’s hope the 2011 BMW M3 Competition Package can live up to the monumental hype.

2011 BMW M3

2011 BMW M3 Competition Package Wheels

2011 BMW M3 Competition Package Spoiler

Source: BMW