2010 REMIX Award Tour Kicks Off at EXTREME DRIFT CIRCUIT on March 20th

2010 REMIX Award Tour

REMIX was created to bring something fresh and new to the car show competition space.  Amazing efforts in the off season have resulted in the new 2010 REMIX AWARD TOUR. The shows will be made up of everything relevant across today’s youth landscape – music, dance, cars, fashion, sports, art and lifestyle. 

The Car Show and Tour will reach eight (8) cities in the United States, including partner events with Xtreme Drift Circuit (XDC) and World of Dance Tour (WOD). The guys behind this event tour have been at this a long time and really know how to put on a good show. Definitely come and check it out…

Here are the dates for the REMIX Award Tour.

Mar 20 Irwindale, CA REMIX @ XDC
May 22 Las Vegas REMIX @ XDC
June 19 West Virginia REMIX @ XDC
July 31 Miami – stand alone REMIX
August 7 Englishtown, New Jersey REMIX @ XDC
Sept 25 Dallas, TX REMIX @ XDC
Oct 16 Phoenix, AZ REMIX @ XDC
Dec 11 Honolulu, HI – stand alone REMIX

2010 REMIX Award Tour

The first event is quickly approaching. Here are the details for the season opener in the Greater Los Angeles area:

when > March 20, 2010
where > Irwindale, CA
venue > Toyota Irwindale Speedway 

We have coupons for $5 off so, if you plan on attending (and you should) click the link below:

—$50 for individual vehicles [driver + guest]—Crew/Team Discounts Available
—send REGISTRATION questions to > cars@remixevents.com
—Registration includes 2 wristbands, score-card & global judging handbook hand book

Hotel Information [for travelers]

*overall good deals and info, none of the below listed are exclusive REMIX hotel partners
Courtyard Marriott- Monrovia, CA $99.00 if you mention Toyota Speedway (2 to 3 miles in distance)
—phone: 626.357.5211

Additional Registration Info
Load in & Set up:
Friday      4PM to 8PM
Saturday  8AM to 10AM
*Each registered vehicle will be photographed for the end of year ‘Award Tour Year Book’
*Registered vehicles receives two (2) wristbands upon ‘vehicle check-in’
*Registration Discounts will apply for teams of Five (5) or more vehicles
Sneak-peak ‘several’ of the new 2010 competition classes

Finest ‘Driven’ BMW, Finest ‘Custom’ Nissan, Finest RHD (right hand drive), Finest K-Car, Finest Box, Finest Luxury- Sedan, Finest Exotic- Coupe, Finest Custom Bay (engine bay), Finest Stance (wheel.tire.offset), Finest Old School, Finest Female Ride, Finest ‘magazine/editors’ Choice Awards, Finest VIP Build, Finest 2010 Release, Finest Muscle Car, Finest Unlimited, Finest Team Gear, Finest Forum, Lots More…