Pagani Drops the Top on Their New 2010 Cinque Roadster

2010 Pagani Cinque Roadster

Pagani may be a low-volume producer of high-end automobiles but you have to give them credit for being able to use the same basic platform to come out with variation after variation of some pretty phenomenal cars. The new 2010 Pagani Cinque Roadster is no exception. It’s essentially a convertible version of the Pagani Cinque Coupe which is just a street-legal version of the Zonda R track monster. But somehow each new slight adaptation seems to wet our appetite just the same.

2010 Pagani Zonda Roadster

The upcoming 2010 Pagani Cinque Roadster will feature a Carbon-Titanium chassis that has been redesigned to compensate for the drop-top. Because the engineering was so solid on the first go-round for the Coupe, this car has not had to add any additional weight for things like reinforcement braces. The top itself actually gets stored underneath the hood. Go figure.

2010 Pagani Cinque Roadster

The Cinque Roadster features a Mercedes-Benz AMG sourced V12 engine that’s rated at 678 hp. This is mated to a Cima sequential 6-speed gearbox that has been robotized by Automac engineering. The dry weight is only 2,667 pounds. What all this really means is that the car can hit 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds, 124 mph in 9.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 217 mph.

2010 Pagani Cinque Roadster

But it doesn’t just go fast, it can get down from those speeds in a controlled manner as well. Braking from 62 mph to a complete stop takes just 2.1 seconds and it can slow from 124 to 0 in just 4.3 seconds. To make all this possible, the Cinque Roadster is fitted with carbo-ceramic self-ventilated hydraulic servo Brembo brakes in a 6/4 caliper setup.

Pagani’s attention to detail and product sourcing are always spot-on. Just check out the APP monolitic wheels painted black and forged in aluminum and magnesium with size 19×9 in front and 20×12.5 in rear. These bad boys are wrapped in Pirelli PZero tires measuring 255/35/19 up front and 335/30/20 in back. This is a pretty stellar wheel and tire package.

2010 Zonda Cinque Roadster

Only 5 of the 2010 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster will be built at a cost of 1.3 million Euro each. But don’t fret too much if you can’t get it on the first run. If you have crazy money like Peter Saywell, you can always commission your own, like the Pagani Zonda PS.

Source: Pagani