2009 Detroit Auto Show: 2010 Fisker Karma S Concept Unveiled

2010 Fisker Karma S

The outlook for performance electric vehicles has been quite subdued until the recent unveiling of the concept 2010 Fisker Karma S. Visually a blend between a Lotus Elise and a Aston Martin DB9; the four-seat plug-in hybrid retractable hardtop is a first for the new American manufacture, noting that aesthetic style and graceful performance need not be compromised for environmental friendliness. Fisker’s efficient “Q-DRIVE®” power train technology provides the Karma with 50 miles of emissions-free driving on a single charge from a pack of lithium-ion batteries. It is likely that if consumers follow this daily routine, they will only need to visit a gas station once or twice a year.

The Q-DRIVE® powertrain allows the driver will be able to select between two modes of driving. The first mode is Stealth Drive, which is the quiet economy mode for optimal efficient driving. By flipping the paddle behind the steering wheel, the car will switch to Sport Drive, which will access the full power of the vehicle through two electric motors rated at a combined 403hp. With a top speed of 125mph it may not seem super fast, but considering the excessive torque generated by the electric motors, the Karma will accelerate from 0-60mph in just 5.8 seconds. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, the estimated carbon dioxide output of the Karma S is less than that of today’s cleanest production vehicles and 75 percent less than that of future competing vehicles.

“Our objective is to create a singular design language and heritage around our state-of-the-art Q-DRIVE® power train,” said Fisker Automotive, Inc. CEO Henrik Fisker. “The Karma S is an extension of the Fisker Automotive product range of eco-conscious automobiles and sets the tone for our future.” In third quarter of 2010, Fisker Automotive will begin delivering the Karma to appointed retailers and distributors worldwide.

Source: Fisker Automotive