2009 Gumball 3000 Rally Preview Kicks Off In Los Angeles

2009 Gumball 3000 Santa Monica

You waited all year and yes, it’s finally back. The 2009 Gumball 3000 race officially begins tomorrow May 2nd and runs until May 8th. The festivities are kicking off today in Los Angeles with a large Gumball 3000 party at the Santa Monica Pier. As the cars made their way down to the beach for the concert and show we were there to capture the action. Please check out pictures of the 2009 Gumball 3000 cars in the gallery below.

2009 Gumball 3000

For those unfamiliar, the Gumball 3000 is an annual international rally that runs on public streets and changes routes every year. There are 120 cars that are allowed to compete and drivers run the gammit from the entertainment industry to business executives to nefarious characters. If you can scrape together a good team and $44,000, you can pay the entry fee. There is actually no official time keeping, no prize for hitting each checkpoint first or finishing the race itself the quickest. The true celebrated winner is the driver or drivers that embody the spirit and adventure of the event; he/she is given the ‘Spirit of Gumball‘ trophy. This usually does not end up in the hands of the guys or gals driving the Lambos and Ferraris but the hoopties and those that overcome adversity along the way to finish.

2009 Gumball 3000

This year’s Gumball 3000 is a ‘coast to coast’ rally from Los Angeles to Miami. Along the way there will be parties and car showcases in Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Sante Fe, Dallas, New Orleans and Miami. This year’s notable entries include Bam Margera, Tony Hawk and David Hasselhoff. However, the coolest dude on the road just might be Bill Wu rolling in a California Highway Patrol Car disguised as the CDC Swine Flu Tactical Emergency Response Interception Vaccination Vehicle. Let’s just hope a swarm of infected people don’t slow them down.

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  1. Zack Chases Cars

    This is the greatest event on the planet, at least for a person like me who immerses themselves in the automotive world. It is a great expression of fun, passion, speed, and grand touring. From the outside it just seems like a party for rich people, but the small number of entrants seem to leave the vent a group of good friends, not strangers. They help each other on the way, have fun, and share an experience that less than .1% of the world will ever know. To have an event this spectacular, this fun, with this many amazing people, and it is all for a celebration of automobiles and the joy of driving, makes me smile.

    It is an absolute dream for me to drive this rally, and it is inspiration for me to work hard. I just hope Max is still putting it on when I have the ability to involve myself, if not, I will put the thing on myself! Of course, now I have to decide what to drive…

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