2009 Geneva Motor Show – Koenigsegg CCX and CCXR

2009 Koenigsegg CCX

Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg first showcased the CCX Edition back at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show to extensive fanfare. Fast forward three years and the Koenigsegg CCX Edition is back again with additional tweaks and technology upgrades. The car’s 4.7-liter twin-supercharged V8 is capable of producing 888 hp at 7000 rpm with a top speed estimated at 259 mph.

The Koenigsegg CCXR Edition is the company’s contribution to the green movement. The car can run on E85 biofuel, E100 ethanol fuel or standard octane. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly enough (depending on your understanding of biofuel), when running on E85, the CCXR puts out a whopping 1018 bhp versus 806 bhp on regular gas.

Please see the press release and video below:

Traditionally Koenigsegg presents exciting news at the Geneva Auto Salon. This year is no exception.Koenigsegg is introducing:

– A new touch screen infotainment system
– Lightning fast ATM paddleshift system
– Electronic differential
– A new creation for the future….The Quant

The touchscreen Infotainment system sets new standards for the Supercar industry. This high-resolution, intuitive system features many exiting functions, for example;

– Global Sat Nav
– Bluetooth telephone
– Performance mode – G-force meter, lap timer, power Torque meter
– Climate control
– Music system, with radio and I-pod control
– Outdoor temp
– Warning and Hazard displays
– Setup control for: Chassis, Traction control, Paddelshift etc.

– GPS controlled interior lighting and music volume

The Infotainment system is modular and can be upgraded over time, with new exciting features as we envision them. It is a great platform for us to make the CCX even more communicative. For example, it will be possible for drivers to record lap times, power levels and G-forces. On the CCXR model it will be possible to read ethanol mixture and how much this effects the power level.

The ATM Paddelshift system features a completely new gearbox design, which has been developed for the CCX. The gearbox is engineered to take up to 1100 nm of torque and due to its transversal layout, it is about 30 cm shorter then the manual transaxle gearbox it replaces, which improves weight distribution. The gearbox features a revolutionary synchronization system that allows shift times of 30 milliseconds – a great improvement, compared to existing synchromesh system. Basically it is as fast as a dual clutch transmission, but reduced in size and weight – two important factors in a Supercar.

The gearbox also include an electronic differential control. The E-diff, makes the car easier to drive on the limit of performance, and thereby enhances the experience to most drivers. The gearbox is controlled with ergonomic paddles mounted on the steering wheel. Koenigsegg believes this to be the most optimal solution, as the paddles follow the steering wheel movements at all times.

Custom Vision

An increasing number of Koenigsegg customers wish to make their car a “one of special”. Usually this means bespoke interior trimming, exterior colors and carbon areas, special wings, wheels and stereo systems or track biased chassis setting including race harnesses and so on.

In order to handle these specifc needs in an organized way, Koenigsegg has set up a program called Custom Vision. This program enables our customer to fulfll their wildest dreams through a production and development system that Koenigsegg has optimized over the years. For example Koenigsegg have two engineers on fulltime aleart ready to tackle any new and exiting challenge coming from our customer and to take these ideas through to production.

Source: Koenigsegg

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