2009 DUB Show Detroit

2009 Dub Show Detroit

If you pay attention to all the doom and gloom in the news, at a time when the major auto manufacturers are pulling out of various auto shows left and right and everyone’s purse strings are tightened, one would think that modified and custom car shows would take it on the chin. Alas, it is not so… Yes, things were a little quieter yesterday in Motor City for the 2009 DUB Show Detroit, and it is not as big a venue as theLos Angelesevent but there was still a huge turnout with over $5 million in tricked-out cars on display. Next stop for the tour is Dallas on June 6th.

Some highlights included two Mobsteel customized Lincolns, a procession of Spade Kreations‘ whips, Arandas Tire‘s sick rides, the $2 million GAS Scythe car and a host of local celebrity rides. Video games were also a big focus with large displays and playing areas for Midnight Club Los Angeles, 2K Sports and XBOX 360, with their large Gaming Arcade. And of course, no Dub Show would be complete without a concert which included Gorilla Zoe, Tone Tone, K-Deezy, Young J, Stretch Money and Trick Trick.

Please check back over the next few days as we will be uploading more pictures as well as showcasing some of the show’s standouts…