2009 Detroit Auto Show: Jaguar Launches Ultra-fast 2010 XKR

2010 Jaguar XKR

The new 2009 Jaguar XKR introduces a new 5-liter V8 engine that puts out 510bhp and 461 lb-ft. The latest generation Roots-type supercharger is both more efficient than the previous version as well as whisper quiet. 0 to 60 can be performed in 4.6 seconds. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your driving chops and if you live near a public track, it’s electronically limited to 155 mph.

The transmission is an electronically controlled, 6-speed gearbox whose control comes in the form of either steering wheel paddle shifters or the fully automatic JaguarDrive SelectorTM. The driver can choose between several driving modes. For example, Dynamic Mode provides more of a sports car response and limits body roll while Winter Mode dampens accelerator response and softens gearshifts.

Continuing with the trend towards bigger wheels and low profile rubber for consumer sports cars, the Jaguar XKR comes with a choice of 2 sets of 20 inch wheels. You can either go with twin-five spoke Kalimnos or upgrade to the twin-seven spoke R Performance Nevis design rims.

The interior of the Jaguar XKR is technologically advanced with standard touch-screeen audio, bluetooth, navigation and climate control. And for those of you attached at the hip to your iPod, there ia a built-in connection. The general appointments falls in line with Jaguar’s luxury lineage including Suedecloth overhead lining, optional heated and cooled front seat, leather door pulls, real wood veneers and soft-grain leather uphostery.

Source: Jaguar via MotorAuthority