The 20 Saddest Car Spoilers Of All Time

Fiesta Spoiler

Adding a spoiler to a cheap car is like adding fake boobs to an ugly girl. It doesn’t change the fact that both of them are still ugly and they both look really cheap and fake. Perhaps if we started adding spoilers to the backs of ugly women and fake boobs to the front of ugly cars it might have the reverse effect, but we’d still have to deal with the losers that drive them.

Spoiler Supreme

Spoiler Supreme

Skiis Spoiler

Skiis Spoiler

The Wooden Rocket


Super Beretta

Beretta Spoiler

The Chrysler Spoiler

Chrysler Spoiler

Big Red Spoiler

Master Red Spoiler

Spoiled CRX

CRX Spoiler

The Duct Tape Spoiler

Duct Tape Spoiler

Shogun Assassin Spoiler

Shogun Assasin Spoiler

Park Bench Spoiler

Spoiler Fail

Euro Trash Spoiler

Da Wood Spoiler

The Green Hornet’s First Car

Station Wagon Spoiler

Station Wagon Spoiler

Roof Spoiler

Hoodie Spoiler

Cavalier Tape Spoiler

Cavalier Tape Spoiler

Foreign Spoiler

Foreign Spoiler

Spoiled Spoiler

Civic Spoiler

Topaz Spoiler

Topaz Spoiler

Cardboard Spoiler

Wooden Spoiler