This McLaren F1 is a New 20-Year-Old Supercar

The next time you’re looking at a new car on the dealer lot, make a note of how much protective wrapping, film and stuff is applied inside and out. Then consider that during the time a car leaves the factory and arrives at the dealership, it wears even more garb to guard against damage. Naturally, there’s not much of a demand among collectors for this polymer detritus. But what if you came across a 1997 McLaren F1 that was in as-delivered-to-the-dealer condition? We ask because that’s exactly what you see before you.

Showing just 239 kilometers (or 148.5 miles) on the odometer, this Dandelion Yellow road rocket retains all the foam and plastic sheeting over the seats, dashboard, floor, and steering wheel that was applied after the test drive and final factory inspection. Also included and in their original packaging: An extra removable steering wheel, a fitted luggage set, an F1 LM style performance exhaust system, the factory-issued Facom tool chest, and even the commemorative TAG Heuer watch engraved with this car’s chassis number.

Exactly why this car (whose owner’s manual indicates was originally sold to a Japanese customer) and the items with which it is being offered for sale at an undisclosed amount is unclear, though we’re guessing the original buyer wanted to keep it in this state for investment purposes. We’re also guessing the next owner will leave it in situ, which is kind of a shame, given how altogether awesome the McLaren F1 is (Fun fact: It still holds the title of fastest naturally aspirated unmodified production car in history.). Then again, some fastidious automotive restorers decades from now will be glad some people spent millions of dollars on what’s essentially a 2,500 lbs. paperweight…

Source: Tom Hartley Jnr