1995 Mercedes-Benz W124 Masterpiece Limited Edition Showcase

An iconic model, the Mercedes-Benz W124 220E/300E represents the best things about German engineering, automotive design and the always the definitive Mercedes parts. Swiftness, timeless class and rugged dependability, the W124 Mercedes Benz hits every mark. Therefore, it’s no surprise they remain highly prized automobiles.

For those in pursuit of the ultimate W124-as-a-collector’s-item, one specific release stands out: the 1995 Masterpiece limited edition. In the last production year before Mercedes retired the make, the Masterpiece edition is an iconic model.

What makes them so special? It starts with how affordable and feasible these Mercedes are to maintain parts and systems. Unlike many classic models, Mercedes aftermarket parts for the 1995 W124 are easily found online through trusted Mercedes parts stores. This reduces the price of ownership compared to other Mercedes classics that require diligent research to track down their hard-to-find Mercedes Benz parts.

New Mercedes accessories such as an emblem after the original was stolen or got faded, for example, will cost about $36. Meanwhile, replacement Mercedes suspension parts such as a rear control arm – a common failure in Mercedes genuine parts on the W124 – will run a little over $325. Compare these to the costs of the replacement Mercedes parts and accessories that’re commonly failing or fading in other sought-after older Mercedes Benz models, you’ll find it’s a bargain to keep a W124 on the road long term.

The hard part is finding a W124 Masterpiece for sale with all the hallmark bells and whistles. Tracking one down will probably depend on one’s country, as they were only released in select areas of the world. However, once found it’s important to know what to check; missing optional features and performance parts upgrades will be harder to find than the aforementioned Mercedes parts (emblem and control arm) that are universal and fitted to the standard 300E respectively.

Here are the signature features of the 1995 Mercedes-Benz W124 220E Masterpiece:

Walnut paneling and trim

The most familiar feature of the W124 Masterpiece is its elegant interior Mercedes parts. The walnut paneling and trim on the steering wheel, center console and dashboard are magnificent. At the time of manufacturing, these were standard Mercedes interior parts and accessories of the W124 and can therefore be found in other standard 300E models. While not exclusive to the Masterpiece, walnut paneling and trim are nonetheless key to identifying an intact limited edition.

Engraved gear shift knob

Mercedes accessories like the gear knob of a W124 Masterpiece edition will feature the word “Masterpiece” written in small golden cursive font on its top, layered across walnut composite.

An exclusive feature of the W124 Masterpiece is the automatic blinds for the rear windscreen. Mercedes parts like the electric motor for the rear windscreen will need replacing. Shades for the rear passenger windows, which also come standard with the Masterpiece, are non-automatic and thus have no electric parts.

Stainless steel sill plates

Stainless steel sill plates cover the rocker panels of the limited edition ‘95 W124 . Engraved on these plates is the name “Mercedes-Benz” in all capital letters. This can often be one of the more difficult genuine Mercedes replacement parts to find.

Six-hole light alloy wheels

Alloy wheels were still a bit of an innovation when the Masterpiece came onto the scene. As a result, six-hole alloy rims became a standard feature of the limited edition ‘95 W124.

Rear badging on trunk body parts

Lastly, the rear badging located on the right side of the trunk marked “Masterpiece” in a font like that found on the gear knob is a telltale characteristic of a classic Masterpiece W124.

Masterpiece Engine parts

A genuine Mercedes W124 Masterpiece engine will be type M111 (referred to as the “white engine”).

As hard as it is to find, the limited-edition Masterpiece W124 is as easy to maintain due to its similarities with the Mercedes parts on the standard edition 300E that was manufactured from the mid-80s through the mid-90s. What sets the Masterpiece apart are its luxury Mercedes Benz accessories on both body and interior parts as well as its iconic branding.