This ’67 Ford Mustang is the Opposite of Stock

Given its status as one of the most popular classic muscle car canvases for hot rodders, it’s very hard to build an early Ford Mustang fastback restomod that truly stands out from the crowd. However, it’s safe to say that Matt Couper and his team at Autoworks International managed the feat. Based on a ’67 model, Obsidian, as it has been dubbed, has few – if any – stock exterior pieces left on it, from the widened fenders and the custom tail panel/grille, to the 2005-’09 Mustang headlights and massive hood bulge. That bulge, incidentally, is needed to clear the twin intercoolers for the twin centrifugal superchargers bolted to the front of the 392 cubic-inch (6.5L) Ford Windsor V8, which is apparently good for 847 horsepower.

If Obsidian looks vaguely familiar, that’s because it was actually finished around eight years ago. Why should you care about it now? Well, after passing through a couple of owners (the most recent being former NBA player Dan Gadzuric, who had it modified to the point where he could scoot the seats back far enough to accept his 6’11” body), this massively-modified muscle car is looking for a new home once more, as it will be one of the star attractions at Barrett-Jackson’s very first auction in the northeastern U.S. later this month at the Mohegan Sun resort and casino in Connecticut. Will it bring anywhere near the $1.3 million it allegedly cost to build back in ’08? Almost certainly not. But we bet the bidding will still run deep into six digits.

Source: Barrett-Jackson

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