15 Models on Instagram You Need to Follow Right Now

15 Instagram Models to Follow

There used to be a time in the automotive enthusiast landscape when any girl could remove a few articles of clothing, pose next to some exotic sheetmetal and call herself a model. Fortunately, the path to becoming a true model is no piece of cake and the commitment and work ethic required often weeds out the garden variety “models” that are just looking for a little extra attention. While none of us here at S5Z are models ourselves (or are we?), we do know it takes more than an attractive face and butt to walk the walk and talk the talk that a full on modeling career constitutes.

A natural part of being a model is building a fanbase and while Facebook may still be the top dog in social media, Instagram is rapidly emerging as a very potent tool for content distribution and organic self-promotion. Any model would be unwise to ignore Instagram’s community-building power and we’ve gone and done you the huge favor of picking out the top 15 girls that are doing it right and keeping it classy. In the mix we have 15 of the most gorgeous bikers, up-and-comers, cellists, heavy metal aficionados, well-established style icons, and even a Pokemon trainer here and there.

15. Annie Anaya | Instagram: annieanaya

Although likely an unfamiliar face to the SoCal import scene, Seattle sweetie Annie Anaya has rocked umbrella girl duties for Daigo Saito and is no stranger to the pages of Super Street. She also drives a 2JZ-swapped Cressida. A goddamn, fire-breathing, inline-sixing, 2JZ Cressida. Just let that sink in for a moment before you give her a follow.


14. Erica Law | Instagram: ericalaw22

Hailing loud and proud from right here in beautiful SoCal, Erica Law is starting to make some serious waves in the import model scene. A regular at shows like Hot Import Nights, Erica can do everything from wielding a Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine gun with good trigger discipline to ringcarding for Real Cage Fighting and look damn good doing it.


13. Natalie Pack | Instagram: nataliepack

Michelle Rodriguez may be all about that “ride or die” philosophy, but Natalie Pack is far better at living it. When she’s not being crowned Miss California USA, Natalie preps for med school and busts a move around SoCal on her Honda CB500F. Two wheels very very good. Maybe blondes do have more fun.


12. Karen Elizabeth | Instagram: karankadank

Between the picture perfect beach backgrounds, coconut drinks, and beautiful bikini shots, it doesn’t take long to realize that Karen Elizabeth comes from a place as pretty as she is – Hawaii. Admittedly, we sometimes get lost in her piercing brown eyes of hers and forget what’s going on in the background. My only question for her: Waiola’s or Matsumoto’s shave ice?


11. Magda Angel | Instagram: magdaangel

This girl does WORK. When she’s not busy hosting DUB Latino or holding down for the likes of Toyo and Monster Energy, you can find Miss Angel at the gym working out harder than you. Look for her signature flamenco pose and you’ll wish you had a body and a set of toned legs that nice to show off.


10. Beckie Joon | Instagram: beckiejoon

Import modeling and go-go dancing have a tendency to go hand in hand, so no surprises from Beckie Joon there. It’s when you learn that she’s an accomplished cellist do you start realizing that not only can she drop it lower than you, but she can outclass you with a few strokes from her bow. Now if only she could choreograph a go-go set to the 2nd movement from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons…


9. Mercedes Terrell | Instagram: mercedesterrell

Apart from having a modeling resume filled with bookings by the likes of Monster Energy, Bellator MMA, and MotoGP, Mercedes is also super savvy to that special brand of meme humor that dominates the interwebs today. You’ll regularly find Dos Equis baby quotes interspersed between gorgeous selfies, promo shots, and short videos of her being an all around badass. Awesomesauce.


8. Twee | Instagram: _twee

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure what Twee’s real name is, but as long as she keeps sending gorgeous pictures to our feed, we could care less. The girl has also got some seriously wicked ink that wouldn’t look out of place on a high-ranking Yakuza member – and we are very ok with that.


7. Molly Truong | Instagram: momari_est

Scroll through Molly Truong’s Instagram feed long enough and you’ll find shots of her posing with Internet-famous NSXs’ wearing 24K gold wheels, teaching her Pikacholo how to beat on Pidgeys, and maybe even jungling in LoL. Of course by then, you’ll realize that she’s a natural stunner and wish you hadn’t thrown away your Game Link Cable like this editor did…


6. Kayla Lewis | Instagram: kayllarennee

If anybody grew up in the 90’s and had the privilege of watching “The Sandlot”, they’ll remember one poolside lifeguard that was the stuff of every boy’s daydream – Wendy Peffercorn. Fast forward to the present and Kayla Lewis, with her classic SoCal girl looks, body, and deep-end blue eyes, is that girl high up in the tower.

Kayla Lewis

5. Adrianne Ho | Instagram: adrianneho

An established international style icon, Adrianne Ho is the French-Chinese founder of active lifestyle portal Sweat the Style. Girls and guys looking to get inspiration for sharp new fitness looks should stop right here. Sleazeballs and thirsty bros should keep moving, cause not only will Adrianne stunt all over your style, she’ll probably kick your ass too. Don’t follow at your own risk.


4. Linda Le | Instagram: vampybitme

We’re not sure where to begin to describe Linda Le. I mean, for starters, the girl builds kickass Gundam models, does some wicked sexy cosplay, is into heavy metal music, and even manages to make skin-tight black leather look really really good. Words can’t accurately depict how awesome she is, so give her a follow and let your eyes do all the talking.


3. Claudia Alan | Instagram: claudiaalan

So you might think you’re pretty good at taking selfies, but you don’t know anything about that selfie game until you’ve met Claudia Alan. Or at least, checked out her Instagram feed. With a charming smile that could be classified as a gateway drug, Miss Alan has accumulated thousands upon thousands of adoring fans. Follow her and join the bunnyboo revolution. Just do it.


2. Elizabeth Tran | Instagram: elizabethtran626

Sweet baby turbos Elizabeth Tran is so cute. A relative newcomer to the SoCal scene, but no stranger to work ethic, Elizabeth has already been featured as a cover model on Import Tuner and is fast on her way to making her own name a legitimate hashtag. Yes #elizabethtran, you can be our #womancrushwednesday girl any day of the week. Please?

Elizabeth Tran

1. Erica Nagashima | Instagram: ericanagashima

Unlike Derek Zoolander, Erica is actually really, really, ridiculously good looking. She’s the kind of girl that makes you feel guilty just for looking at her and if that’s really the case, consider us extremely guilty. And convicted for life. On top of that, Erica has some serious musical and vocal talent, so just rule out karaoke if you were ever looking to impress her.