Wrenchmonkees Laverda SF 750 right side view

Wrenchmonkees Laverda SF 750 is a Cleaner, Meaner Big Twin

Wrenchmonkees Laverda SF 750 right side view

While Laverda might not be as widely recognized as other Italian motorcycle brands, that doesn’t mean the bikes it built were unimpressive. In fact, the company’s 650cc and 750cc parallel-twin models of the late-1960s and early-1970s were some of the brawniest motorcycles of their era. And that brawn was more than just numbers; it also led to numerous wins in Europe’s most prestigious endurance road races like the Giro d’Italia and the Bol D’Or.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when we heard that the Danish customizing wizards at Wrenchmonkees took a classic Laverda SF 750 and put their own spin on it. But having seen the end result of their efforts, were quite glad they did.

Wrenchmonkees Laverda SF 750 left side view

The frame is mostly stock (other than a shortened tail section), but most of the bits attached to it have been altered or swapped out altogether. The rear suspension has been converted to a monoshock swingarm setup (adapted from a Yamaha R6), while the front features a stock fork that’s been lowered 1.2”, fitted with Wirth progressive springs and topped by a set of Motocicli Veloci clip-ons. The lighting is now all-LED, while the front fender, gas tank and seat are all one-off Wrenchmonkees creations.

Wrenchmonkees Laverda SF 750 gas tank detail

As for the engine, the big twin still breathes through its stock Dell‘Orto carburetors (now capped by custom aluminum velocity stacks), but the ignition system is now comprised of a Dyna Dubble coil and a DMC ignition box. The spent gases are exhaled out of a custom 2-into-1 exhaust system topped by a Spark muffler.

Want this custom Laverda for yourself? Well, tough cookies, Cookie: It’s already been sold. But the Wrenchmonkees are always cooking up cool cycles in their Copenhagen garage, so be sure to check their website on a fairly regular basis.

Source: Wrenchmonkees

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