World’s Biggest Auto Mall Under Construction in…Turkey? (w/ VIDEO)

Autopia Europia Exterior

One of the most annoying parts of buying a new car (other than the near-infallibly shady characters facilitating the experience) is having to drive all over to the nearest dealers for the various brands of vehicles you’re considering. Sure, the auto malls in many towns minimize the need for this, but often there’s at least one automaker on your list that isn’t represented on the premises.

Fortunately for residents of Istanbul, Turkey, they won’t have to worry about that for too much longer, as the world’s biggest auto mall – called Autopia Europia – is now under construction in their continent-bridging hometown. The massive 708,661 sq. ft. edifice will feature 200 separate showrooms for more than 400 brands (Are there even that many in the whole world?), 48 service bays, 42 insurance offices and 24 bank branches, all indoors and accessible by car, making car buying a truly one-stop-shopping experience. Of course, if you want to celebrate your purchase (or take your mind off a huge repair bill), there will also be 56 bars inside. Why so many? Who cares?!

Autopia Europia Interior

But what has to be the coolest feature of this sprawling complex is the banked oval test track on the roof. Sure, it’s been done before, most famously at Fiat’s old Lingotto factory in Turin which made a cameo in the original The Italian Job, but it’s still a wicked cool idea. Still aren’t sold on the idea? Check out the video below. Also: Anyone else surprised America didn’t think of this first?

Source: GAD

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