Wheelsandmore Sweetens the Lamborghini Aventador with the Chocolate LP777-4

Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Aventador Chocolate LP777-4 front 3/4 view

After a few decades off the radar, brown appears to be making a comeback as an automotive color. Cars ranging from the Volkswagen Jetta to the Lexus LFA are available in a shade of the muddy hue, and there’s even a Facebook group (of which we are a member, in the interest of full disclosure) dedicated to the rich history and current renaissance of gravy-tinged transportation devices. Yes, brown is back.

However, if you’re still in need of convincing, one of the regular exterior color options for Lamborghini’s latest flagship, the Aventador, is matte brown. And rather than just ignoring this color and model combination, German tuner Wheelsandmore is embracing it by offering a tuned Aventador dubbed the Chocolate LP777-4. And the name isn’t the only thing that makes us salivate.

Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Aventador Chocolate LP777-4 rear 3/4 view

But you can’t talk about a car with “wheels” in its name without mentioning wheels. The big hoops (9.5”x20” fronts, 12.5”x21” rears) are Wheelsandmore’s own 6 Sporz² wheels, and they are offered in a variety of colors and finishes for the rims and centers. We’re quite partial to the carbon fiber look centers and body color rims, but Wheelsandmore says you can also get stuff like Swarvoski crystal or 24k gold plating in case, you know, you need your consumption to be even more conspicuous.

Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Aventador Chocolate LP777-4

Of course, the rolling stock isn’t all that’s changed. There are two stages of power upgrades on offer: The first is an ECU upgrade that raises the 6.5L V12’s output from 700hp to 730hp. The list price for that tweak is roughly $5,040. The second stage (priced at around $19,100) features the ECU upgrade, plus a carbon fiber airbox and a hand-fabricated stainless steel exhaust system with electronically-controlled valves that brings the total to 777hp (and, presumably, makes this lusty Lambo sound even angrier).

Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Aventador Chocolate LP777-4 side view

When all’s said and done and you’ve ordered all the appearance and performance upgrades seen here, you’ll probably be parting with about $39,000. We can think of many, many cool cars (both new and old) that a person could buy with that kind of scratch. But if you’re in love with the Aventador, but not in love with the possibility of seeing another stock one in the yacht club parking lot, you have to admit that’s a screamin’ deal. A screamin’ deal even if you don’t like brown automobiles (*cough*Heathen!*cough*).

Source: Wheelsandmore

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