Vorsteiner iPhone 6 by Gold & Co. Brings the Bling


It wasn’t so long ago that vehicle tuners were just that: Tuners of vehicles. These days, however, diversification into the custom smartphone market seems to be the hot trend; back in September, we brought you news of a gold-clad iPhone 6 from DMC, and now Vorsteiner is getting into the game.

This special edition iPhone 6 – modified by London-based jeweler Gold & Co. – is fitted with a custom case bearing the Vorsteiner logo (in bare carbon fiber, of course) and “GTRS4” lettering, and then the whole back side is covered in 24-karat gold plating. It’s then packed into a rich burl wood box along with a numbered and sealed certificate of authenticity. No word on how many of these puppies will be made or what they will cost, but we’re going to go ahead and guess the answers are “Very few” and “A whole effing lot,” respectively.

Source: Vorsteiner

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