Grand Theft Gymkhana 2

Violence against Tires (and Other Things): Grand Theft Gymkhana 2 Drops [Video]

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It’s been more than a month since we brought you YouTube user domesticmango’s Grand Theft Auto IV/Ken Block Gymkhana mashup, “Grand Theft Gymkhana.”  And considering how straight-up redonkulous that video was, we knew that crafty locally-sourced fruit was going to have a hard time concocting a sequel capable of topping it. But you know what? He’s managed to do exactly that.

Check it: Highly-customized Nissan S13 hatchback. Random cartoon characters. Vert ramps. And explosions. Lots and lots of explosions, like enough to make even Michael Bay say, “Dude, pace yourself!” Long story short, “Grand Theft Gymkhana 2” is one of the maddest machinimas (i.e. CGI movies and short films rendered in real time, usually with video games) we’ve ever witnessed. And we can’t wait to see what domesticmango cooks up next.

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