VIDEO: New Corvette Ad Salutes Two of America’s Coolest Vehicles

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 hoonage

Gearheads who were around during NASA’s heyday – roughly the mid-1960s to the early-1970s – no doubt remember that one of the perks of being an astronaut at that time was receiving a new Chevrolet Corvette in which to get around while on earth. It was a match made in marketing heaven: The Right Stuff-types loved tooling around in their sexy, powerful and all-American sports cars. And Chevrolet loved the copious amounts of publicity.

No surprise, then, that Chevy made the Corvettes/rockets connection in the very slick ad that debuted during this week’s MLB All-Star Game broadcast. While it doesn’t mention the astronauts, it does play up how the Vette and the early American space program were kindred spirits of sorts: both were out to prove that American creativity and determination could take on and beat the competition from abroad. Still not getting the red, white and blue hued warm and fuzzies? Watch the ad after the jump.

Source: Chevrolet, YouTube

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