VIDEO: Australians Build a 630hp Skateboard for Tony Hawk

V8 Supercars Skateboard

You may not know this, but Australia is sort of like a parallel universe for fans of traditional American cars. For starters, the continent/nation’s two biggest domestic nameplates are, in fact, American-owned: there’s Ford, and GM’s subsidiary Holden. And both brands’ bread-and-butter model families – the Falcon for Ford and the Commodore for Holden (which we briefly received in port-side-steer form as the Pontiac G8) – are large (by modern passenger car standards), rear-wheel-drive vehicles available with six- or eight-cylinder engines and offered in sedan, wagon and “ute” (short for utility; think of them as modern day Rancheros and El Caminos) body styles.

But rather than promoting these cars by racing doorless, tube-frame facsimilies of these cars around oval tracks like we would here, the Aussies base the competition versions on body shells snatched off the assembly line and race them exclusively on road and street circuits. Campaigned in the obscenely awesome Australian V8 Supercar series, these sociopath sedans are stuffed with the likes of a roll cage, heavy-duty suspension and brakes and a big thundering 5.0L V8. It’s that last component that is at the center of an unusual project created for a rather famous American who will be a guest at this weekend’s V8 Supercar season finale.

Skateboarding diety Tony Hawk is scheduled to attend the Telstra 500, which will be contested on a temporary course laid out on the streets in and around Sydney’s Olympic Village. Wanting to adhere to proper hosting ettiquete, the series organizers wanted to prepare a welcome present for the lanky legend, so they comissioned the boys at Mod Concepts to marry a 630hp V8 Supercar engine (no word on whether it’s a Ford or Holden unit) with a skateboard.

Obviously, it’s not an actual skateboard, since placing a big engine atop one of those would leave you with a big engine and a pile of toothpicks. But the basic shape (minus the monsterous motor) is there, and as you can see from the video, it can move under its own power. Is there anyone crazy enough to try to find out just how fast it can go? Probably, but we doubt the Birdman is that guy. He may be the rider behind such notable skating firsts as the 900, but he’s not stupid.

Source: V8 Supercars

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