VIDEO: A Virtual Tour of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in Three-and-a-Half Minutes

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi rendering

The main rub us car geeks have against theme parks (other than the overpriced food, overpriced souvenirs and toddlers who are willing to rupture the eardrums of anyone within a 200 ft. radius to make it known that they do not, in fact, want their picture taken with Pluto) is that there isn’t a single one on earth dedicated to the invention we love. Luckily, Ferrari and Aldar Properties will rectify that with the opening of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi on October 28.

Not content to simply slap its name on something as quaint as, say, a helicopter, Ferrari is heavily involved with the creative development of the park, which is located adjacent to the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island. The mostly-indoor park will feature more than 20 rides and attractions, including the world’s fastest roller coaster (140+ mph!), cutting edge racing simulators, a ride through a giant V12 engine, a driving school for kids with miniature Ferraris, and a virtual reality flight across Italy. And like any self-respecting theme park, there will be a souvenir shop with just about every Prancing Horse-emblazoned item you can think of, as well as multiple fine restaurants serving up cuisine from Italy and elsewhere.

You say you can’t wait until fall? Or you’d like to go but you recently used all your airline miles on that weekend in Vegas that we shan’t discuss in front of the better half? Not a problem, because the folks behind the project have put together the swell little video below to give you an idea of what will be there. You can ringraziare us later.

Source: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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