Weistec Engineering Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

Turbo Taxi Tollway Tyrant: Matt Farah Drives the Weistec Engineering E63 AMG [Video]

[youtube width=”960″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEyKEh_qdRg[/youtube]

While part of us missesMercedes-Benz AMG’snaturally aspirated 6.2L V8being offered in the likes of theE-,CL-andCLS-classes, the rest of us is straight-up thrilled with the performance of itstwin-turbocharged 5.5L replacement. The improved fuel economy and fatter, flatter torque curve are both major turn-ons, yes, but not as much as the flexibility that forced induction affordstuners. Instead of going to the trouble of adding custom-ground camshafts and CNC-machined billet unobtanium pistons, an extra hundred or twoPferdstärkenare little more than a set of higher-volume fuel injectors and an ECU reflash away.

Take this brutal blackE63 AMGfrom theMercedes-BenzandAMGalchemists atWeistec Engineering. From their semi-secret base located deep behind SoCal’s Orange Curtain,Michael Weiss,Steve Atneyeland their crew have endowed this wickedW212with715 horsepowerat the rear wheels. As you can see, that’s more than enough muscle forDrive’sMatt Farahto be able to pinstripe the O.C.’s toll roads with rubber.

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