TripAlyizer App for iPhone – Analyze Your Driving Habits

TripAlyizer for iPhone

Many of today’s cars come with advanced onboard data centers that provide detailed stats and diagnostics on everything from fuel economy to distance traveled. However, many folks don’t have the latest and greatest rides or are hardcore tuners who have stripped out these weight producing systems. In any case, TripAlyizer for the Apple iPhone has got you covered.

This new iPhone app allows you to track all of your driving habits including stuff that you just can’t get from even the best car information systems. TripAlyizer also allows you to store all of your car’s important data including mileage, VIN, scheduled maintenance intervals, tire pressure and insurance. Relying on the great new 3G features of the Apple iPhone such as GPS and the updated accelerometer, TripAlyizer can figure out speed, direction, distance traveled, total time spent and bottom-line cost per trip.

One cool feature for those who are eco-conscious is that TripAlyizer tracks CO2 emmissions for each expedition. It also determines your overall efficiency as a driver by keeping tabs on your speeds, acceleration, idle time, total time spent in your car’s “sweet spot” and the number of stops you make. Experts believe that fuel economy can be improved by up to 30% just by changing some basic driving habits. TripAlyizer provides feedback, such as average miles per gallon and how much you are filling up at the pump, which can help you on your journey to hypermiling. It will even provide you with an efficiency score.

TripAliyzer for the iPhone is not the cheapest application at $5.99 but may well be worth the price. If nothing else, it can keep you entertained on a road trip in between games of Cro-Mag Rally and Super Monkey Ball.

Source: Surichtech

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